Advantage of AdMate

All scenarios, all platforms, and one stop services, maximize traffic value.

More Revenue

Support combined SDK and API bidding, waterfall, Header bidding, RTB and PMP, enable optimized traffic distribution and realize higher revenue.

Stabilized Growth

Full scenarios and full budget interfaces coverage, avoiding dependence on single channel and business model. Faster update iterations as 2 times per week, help developers to quickly and proactively respond to the high frequency of the industry and business and realize more stablized revenue.

Future Oriented

AdMate serves a wide range of Apps of different types and in various stages. AdMate provides over 2,000 optional features. AdMate fulfills the needs of the moment. For more it enables professional practice and features for future growth.

Professional Service

Dedicated service team to provide real-time technical, business and operational consultation. Customize personalized strategies, plan ads forms, assist developers with technical integration, and provide continuous optimization solutions after launch based on user feedback and data analysis, etc.

All Scenarios

Applicable to Apps in different stages of commercialization, requiring different business capabilities and functional scenarios.

AdMate Cooperation Process